Pricing ProjectSmall Trauma Company

Looking for insight on product pricing as it related to specific products, our client knew where to turn.

Ortho Spine Partners helped answer the difficult question of pricing for specific one-time use products in both the in-patient and out-patient facilities. Most of these products were part of the bundle and high volume but low priced disposables. We were able to poll several areas around the country to determine an average selling price that they could use for their strategic planning purposes.


In the midst of negotiations for a variety of initiatives, our client needed insight to the national averages of both list price and average selling price. We were able to get this valuable data for them to ensure their projections are based on facts rather than a best guess.


We were able to gain access to pointed information through a variety of resources available exclusively to us. Our comprehensive database allows us to provide and cross reference data from CMS, Private Payers, Capitated Environments and Formulary Pricing from major GPO’s and IDN’s. With experience and expertise in pulling the right levers, we were able to provide accurate estimates that our client didn’t have the time or capability to obtain on their own.


We produced a detailed spreadsheet showing the pricing data we were able to obtain with sources to ensure that there was transparency in the project that gave our client peace of mind that they could rely on this data.

In summary, our effort:

  • Was completed in 3 days
  • Created an detailed spreadsheet with complete data on each product requested
  • Allowed our client to reliably create a sales forecast
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I love the flexibility that Ortho Spine Partners offers. We can bring them in to help us develop key markets and it doesn’t require us to hire a full time person. Plus the caliber of the talent that we have received is second to none.

Todd Clearwater
Area Vice President, Sales, Biologics Company