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Where do you go when you need horsepower to help develop a territory that you are struggling to fill?

Many of our clients have different needs when it comes to engaging with us to find, qualify and engage with distributors. Some have needed guidance to strategically determine which markets they should focus their attention while others are looking to upgrade an underdeveloped territory. In either case, Ortho Spine Partners have the talent and the connections to help you find the most difficult to find support to sell your product.


There are many success stories to choose from, but this case study will focus on a recent scenario with a mid-sized orthopedic manufacturer seeking a high quality distributor organization to represent their portfolio in the Northern California area. Our client had been searching for new representation for approximately 6 months by the time they reached out to Ortho Spine Partners. Here was the process they had gone through to that point:

  • Sales Management Network:

    They had reached the end of their internal network and were placing an inordinate amount of time trying to expand their relationships organically.

  • Tradeshows:

    They had followed up all the leads they generated from tradeshows and distributors that visited their booth.

  • Online Portals:

    They tried to expand their network through a variety of online “do-it-yourself” portals such as Ortho Spine Distributors and LinkedIn.


In each case, they were coming up dry. When they reached out to us initially, we offered a quick list of 4 distributors that we thought they should call and wished them luck. Another 2 months passed and after making no progress with any of the leads, the company finally engaged with our team to help them find and hire a new distributor organization in Northern California.

We got to work quickly on their behalf and worked deep into our network trying to find an organization that would be appealing and would be interested in representing our client.


Our clients and their Senior Management were thrilled with the quick results that Ortho Spine Partners was able to produce for them and they hired one of the many distributors that were presented within a few days of consulting.

In summary, our effort:

  • Was completed in 4 days of consulting work
  • Ortho Spine Partners presented over 10 interested and qualified distributors prospects
  • The process moved quickly and efficiently to successful completion
  • Client hired a distributor organization with 25 sales representatives
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I love the flexibility that Ortho Spine Partners offers. We can bring them in to help us develop key markets and it doesn’t require us to hire a full time person. Plus the caliber of the talent that we have received is second to none.

Todd Clearwater
Area Vice President, Sales, Biologics Company