GPO and IDN Agreements

Having a comprehensive National Accounts strategy is critical to a companies success these days. These days, organizations seem to expect their distribution partners to fight these battles on their behalf. Unfortunately, if you reside in the world of non-exclusive contracts, there is very little incentive for a distributor to set up shop in the basement of the hospital and take a number like at the DMV. You need a partner that knows the rules of engagement to ensure that you stop wasting time due to inexperience.

We have helped our clients navigate situations such as:

  • Wasted time due to inefficient process that lacks a high level of urgency.
  • Evaluate the wherewithal of surgeon partners to ensure they have the ability to properly represent the company in the VAC process.
  • Create a compelling story that the purchasing managers / hospital “C” level can’t ignore.
  • Leverage local level approvals into larger scale national agreements.

If you are trying to do this on your own without the support of an industry veteran that has successfully negotiated hundreds of agreements, you leave yourself and the company vulnerable to costly mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Ortho Spine Partners has the experience to improve your probability of success by understanding the process and creating a unique strategy for each contracting organization.

top 5 networks

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

Nashville, TN

2014 Net Patient Revenue: $33,071,939,223

Number of Hospitals: 196

Number of Staffed Beds: 35,764

Ascension Health

St. Louis, MO

2014 Net Patient Revenue: $19,150,517,284

Number of Hospitals: 132

Number of Staffed Beds: 17,745

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI)

Englewood, CO

2014 Net Patient Revenue: $17,516,533,765

Number of Hospitals: 162

Number of Staffed Beds: 16,140

Community Health Systems (CHS)

Franklin, TN

2014 Net Patient Revenue: $17,995,945,798

Number of Hospitals: 164

Number of Staffed Beds: 21,890

Trinity Health (FKA: CHE Trinity Health)

Livonia, MI

2014 Net Patient Revenue: $14,053,260,268

Number of Hospitals: 69

Number of Staffed Beds: 13,625

key points

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box our partners leverage their experience and expertise to help you find new opportunities in:


  • Creating a unique strategy for each GPO and IDN based on history of success
  • Determining key GPO’s and IDN’s to leverage
  • Leveraging existing business into National Agreements
  • Generating a sense of urgency to ensure timely attention
  • Improved partnership with distributors because of this grueling work being outsourced.
How can we help you?

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I love the flexibility that Ortho Spine Partners offers. We can bring them in to help us develop key markets and it doesn’t require us to hire a full time person. Plus the caliber of the talent that we have received is second to none.

Todd Clearwater
Area Vice President, Sales, Biologics Company